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About Me

My mission is clear: I am dedicated to providing you with time-tested strategies to elevate your business using the power of direct response marketing.

With a track record of success in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and India...

I collaborate with a select group of elite clients to drive impactful business and marketing breakthroughs.

My Latest Work

These are emails my client used to update me on the progress we made

After using one specific content framework, my client was able to get these results with one video

Case Study

  • What specific challenges or goals led you to accept my help?

I was in a low place of marketing. I felt I had tried all sorts of ways to market but nothing was really blasting off. When Chris contacted me, it was the right moment to acquire some strategic assistance.

  • How did my services meet or exceed your expectations?

The services Chris has offered me has exceeded my expectations. I explained my situation to Chris about my Youtube and then the first idea Chris had for a video, the video took off and became viral. He is a very hard worker and he is someone I feel I can trust.

  • Can you share any specific results or improvements you've noticed after implementing the service I provided?

The amount of money I am making on YouTube has increased substantially.
My excitement and confidence level have increased due to having his motivation and energy present.
I have felt more creative in my business and more engaged in creating more successful material.
I am eager and ready to do what it takes with the lead Chris provides.

  • What sets my services apart from others you may have used in the past?

Chris is the hardest and fastest worker I have ever experienced.
He is always right on top of everything that needs to be done. He sends reminders which are so helpful when there are many things to get accomplished and he always presents honest feedback and supportive comments.

  • In what ways has working with me positively affected your overall brand or marketing strategy?

I have a renewed sense of possibility. I have worked on my own for many years. Chris goes the deepest in strategy than any other coach I have engaged in and this is making a difference in my online presence in only a few months.

  • How would you describe my communication and collaboration style throughout our time working with together?

Chris works very efficiently with speed and accuracy. He listens carefully and asks many questions that require you to think deeper about your material so that it can have more impact. 

  • Why did you recommend me to Risha?

I recommended you to Risha because I could see that you are someone who likes a challenge. Risha has been struggling to get her marketing to a place where is serves her well in her business. I thought that with your determined energy and willingness to gain knowledge of any business in order to make it work, that you might be someone who could help her get things up and running.

  • If you could use three words to describe your experience working with me, what would they be?

Efficient, Strategic, Motivated

If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible.

Jay Abraham